At the Spot you'll find that there are two sides to the menu. Imagine sitting down at your plate, there is always a drink to go with your meal right? Well its the same here. The shakes are your meal and the wellness drink or "tea" is the drink that will go with your meal. 
First you'll choose your "tea"
All of these wellness drinks are designed to boost metabolism, keep you energized, and aid in healthy digestion. Packed full of B vitamins and antioxidant support, you are guaranteed to have the BEST DAY EVER! 
Show your pride with out sweetest tea, the Razorback. This tea is a mixture of raspberry, cranberry, and pomegranate! 
Kick back with one of our Tropical Paradise teas. Infused with mango, lemon, and an array of other "getaway" flavors.
Keep it old school with our eye opening Tang Tea. This blend of orange, lemon, and mango will remind you of your favorite childhood drink!
Our Cranberry Limeade tea is guaranteed to keep you cool! Refreshing and energizing, this tea is a combo of lime, lemon, and cranberry!
Hungry and low on energy? Try one of our Pink Starburst Teas. With 15 grams of protein, pomegranate green tea, and a tropical energizing tablet you'll curb your hunger and have plenty of energy to make it through the rest of your day!
Next you'll choose your shake!
Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... our shakes have 24 grams of metabolism boosting protein 5 grams of belly burning fiber all for only 200 calories! 
Tasting just like the candy bar, our Reese's shake is a house favorite! Chocolate and peanut butter never tasted so good
Ditch the bowl and spoon, our Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake is the most popular shake at The Spot. Just like your go to cereal, this shake will make you feel like a kid again!
One of the classics, Strawberry Banana never disappoints. This perfect fruit combo will set your day right!
Is ice cream your weakness? Substitute it with the owners favorite.. Mint Chocolate Chip without the guilt! 
Love candy or snack bars? Try one of our chewy protein bars or decadent protein bites. Replace your snacking habits with a nutrient rich Citrus Lemon Bar or Chocolate Coconut Bite today! 
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